Renown Institute for Health Innovation, LLC (IHI), is the creation of Nevada-based Renown Health, the Desert Research Institute, and the DRI Foundation combining resources to realize a new model for health science. IHI, a not-for-profit LLC, will build on the success of the population health and genetics project launched in Reno in September 2016 with leading personal genetics company, 23andMe.

This population health and genetics project, the Healthy Nevada Project, is a collaboration between Renown, the Desert Research Institute, the Nevada Governor’s Office and personal genetics company 23andMe and one of the first community-based population health studies in the U.S. that integrates genetics, environmental data and individual health information.  With this health information, researchers hope to illuminate genetic patterns and health trends that provide answers to critical medical questions.

A New Model for Health

The results could change the face of medicine, with providers offering a targeted approach to personal healthcare and treatment while improving the health and well-being of people in the process.

The collaboration has already provided 10,000 northern Nevadans a free opportunity to learn more about their own genetics and entire health picture. Each study participant received more than 65 personalized reports on their health, wellness, traits and ancestry — vital information that allows them to make more informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and healthcare options.

Incorporating genetics into the study is key. Examined in the context of social and environmental determinants of health, DNA helps us to better understand the health needs of our communities. With the individualized health information genetics provides, we see a future where Nevadans take greater ownership of their health and proactively care for their minds and bodies.

We Must Act Now

Nationally, Nevada ranks last in public health funding as well as research and health outcomes. Some of the region’s communities, especially the rural and underserved urban areas, are in crisis. For example, people die earlier in Nevada from pancreatic cancer than the rest of the U.S. and our rate of drug-induced deaths is seven times the national average. There is a way to change these statistics. It’s called the Healthy Nevada Project.

We Have the Means

On September 15, 2016, Governor Brian Sandoval helped launch a personal genetics screening program in northern Nevada — more than 10,000 residents signed up to participate in less than 48 hours. This overwhelming response magnified the acute need for Nevada to tackle a significant population health program. The Renown Institute for Health Innovation — a partnership between Renown Health, the market leader in healthcare in northern Nevada, and Desert Research Institute, one of the leading environmental research institutes in the world — was formed to address the socio-economic, environmental and genetic determinants of health. Once the study is expanded, this type of precision medicine may be applied across medical specialties and conditions including behavioral health and addiction, oncology and neurology.

A Healthier Nevada Because of You

Encouraged by this unprecedented response, we have assembled a world class team of researchers and physicians headed by Tony Slonim, MD, DrPH, President and CEO of Renown Health. Working closely with communities throughout northern Nevada, we will convert data into evidence-based plans to address health priorities established by our community. We will listen. We will plan. We will act. We will report on progress. We will make a difference within this decade. This vision will only be accomplished by the support and generosity of our friends and partners. You.

This vision will only be accomplished by the support and generosity of our friends and partners. You.