Confidence unbreakable, flowing down Nevada mountains on his bike as if he is seemly breezing through each twist and turn of the trail, Danny DeLaRosa is doing more than burning off a little work-day steam, he’s preserving what he loves by fueling his passion with a modern approach to personal healthcare.

Focusing on the potential to “bring the unknown into the known”, is why DeLaRosa explained, he participated in the Healthy Nevada Project. Not only as a member of the project’s community ambassador team but as a citizen seeking knowledge from the no-cost personal DNA testing.

Digging into his personal genetic results, DeLaRosa discovered a slight risk towards Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – an eye condition in which abnormal blood vessels develop and leak into the eye. Realizing a family history with this condition, he asked himself, “now that I know, what I am I going to do with this information?” His love of two wheels in the dirt and Nevada’s incredible mountain biking terrain propelled him to learn more. “When I read about vision loss, I realized this is serious,” he said.

Wasting no time, DeLaRosa found himself updating his diet while discovering new recipes that supported healthy vision. He had learned that lifestyle and other factors, such as diet, have been associated with a reduced risk of developing AMD. Healthy fats and leafy greens became mealtime favorites, he remarked, “I try to eat a more balanced diet now”.

His unique personal genetic report acknowledged what every weekend warrior wants to hear, “Danny, your genetic muscle composition is common in elite power athletes.” Not missing the opportunity, DeLaRosa laughed, “I shared this with anyone who would listen.” Humor aside, the information was truly aligned with his dedication to enjoying the great outdoors of Nevada. Grateful for the new information, DeLaRosa took full advantage of Renown Health’s MyChart secure online patient portal, “Now, I’m in constant communication with my healthcare providers”. MyChart offers patients personalized access to their medical information so they can schedule appointments, email their health care providers, receive test results, refill prescriptions, view their immunization records, track their family health and more. “I’m able to connect and share with my doctors at any time when data from this study comes up,” he happily explained. Discussing the Healthy Nevada Project impact, DeLaRosa, shared, “if you know about your health risks, you can do something about it.” Dedicated to preventing conditions that will keep him from enjoying his family as they hike, bike, and explore is an important priority in DeLaRosa’s life as he embraced a new and improved diet. Satisfied, he simply shared, “it’s good to be informed”.

About Danny DeLaRosa

With his personal health knowledge as the power and confidence to fuel what keeps DeLaRosa pumping through the Nevada landscape; he plans to keep exploring the trails with his family for many years to come.

Danny Delarosa

Danny DeLaRosa is a Healthy Nevada Project community ambassador. He was one of the first 23 people to participate in the pilot cohort of 10,000 Nevadans. As Chief Sales Officer for Vibrant Credit Union, Danny’s passion for community is palpable. Whether he is honoring first responders, educators, veterans or families, during United Federal’s Fridays or speaking at TEDxReno, everyone agrees his energy and attitude for life is inspiring. Not one to shy away from community board leadership, he serves/served the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement of Northern Nevada, Boys & Girls Club and Horizon Christian Church. Danny. He is always there to cheer on a neighbor or friend with a smile and motivation.