Thank You for Your Interest

In order to be a population health study, we must accurately represent the demographics of our region. For 30,000 testing slots in phase two, researchers will focus on matching the demographics that makeup northern Nevada. This means study participants will be eligible based on specific demographic variables including: gender, age group, ethnicity and residence in a rural or urban area of Nevada.

Years of research show that gender, age and ethnicity all play key roles in a person’s health risks. By accurately representing our region, we will be able to better understand the health issues we’re seeing community-wide and how to address them. Fitting these criteria will ensure this landmark population health study mirrors the people of northern Nevada.

If you want to participate, but testing slots matching your demographics are full at the time, please don’t lose interest. We encourage you to provide your basic demographic information and we will keep you updated as additional testing slots open in the future. We hope to expand the study to all Nevadans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take this test?

Everyone can sign up to be tested but not everyone will be selected. Our final study participation numbers will match the population demographics of northern Nevada and Renown’s patient population.

If I already took part in the pilot phase, can I test again?

Yes, you can sign up to retest with Helix if you’d like.

How does the test work? Do I give a blood sample?

No, a simple saliva sample is all that’s needed.

How long does a testing appointment take?

On average, the testing appointment takes about 20 minutes but please keep in mind, you can’t eat or drink (even water) for 30 minutes prior to spitting.

When will I get my results?

You will receive an email with your results within six to eight weeks of testing. Some participants receive their results in as little as three weeks.

Is my information secure?

The personal demographic information you submit into this form will not be shared and is only used to determine eligibility for the study.