Healthy Nevada Project Heads to Food Truck Friday

Healthy Nevada Project Heads to Food Truck Friday

Healthy Nevada Project at Food Truck Friday

Thirty-five food and beverage trucks, live music, children’s activities and over 3,000 people made up the lively backdrop to some of the best Healthy Nevada Project conversation in town!  On a warm summer evening, curious about why fellow citizens were receiving no-cost genetic testing and DNA based ancestry reports, would-be Food Truck Friday foodies dropped by the Healthy Nevada Project booth get details.

Over ten thousand people have already joined the Healthy Nevada Project and many more are still needed to make this study a roaring success for Nevada. The goal is to recruit 50,000 thousand participants, making this study one of the nation’s largest health literacy studies in the nation!

Every Friday evening until September 29th, 2018, hungry Renoites will make their way to lush Idlewild Park in Reno, NV, to enjoy culinary delights ranging from Latino-Asian sushi to shaved ice, great conversation, and music. Sharing the Healthy Nevada Project during such a fun summer event is the perfect fit.

Happy visitors gave nods of approval as they shared their excitement of already joining the project as others signed-up to participate in the Healthy Nevada Project immediately. Adults enjoyed our raffle of two pairs of Reno Aces Baseball tickets while curious children asked questions about DNA.  Our DNA and Nevada based trivia wheel game was a huge hit enjoyed by all.

  • True or false: Over 99% of DNA is different in human beings.  The answer is False! Every human being shares 99% of their DNA with every other human.
  • What are the three nicknames for the state of Nevada? The Silver State, the Battle Born State, and the Sage Brush State!

Most visitors got the DNA questions right, yet no one could correctly provide all three nicknames for Nevada?!?

Participation in this ground-breaking study will provide our scientists and researchers with valuable information to create a healthier Nevada. We’re looking for patterns and other information to help us positively influence the health, health decisions and health care needs of northern Nevadans.

In the spirit of community health, One Nevada Credit Union, generously donated our booth space to support this important study. Grateful for beautiful weather, great food, and incredible conversations, the evening was so successful, the team plans to return on Friday, August 3rd, 2018.

Hone those DNA and Nevada Trivia skills and drop by our booth on August 3rd! Bring your friends, enter our next raffle and join our excitement as we make a difference!



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